What You Should Know About Elmiron Eye Damage Lawsuits


Do Janssen Pharmaceuticals Cover up the risks of Elmiron?

Lawsuits up against the business allege that this organization neglected to properly notify medical professionals along with the public that Elmiron could cause eyesight difficulties. Additional, the lawsuits state that Janssen Pharmaceuticals actively hid side effects from your public.

I took Elmiron, what perspective reduction signs or symptoms should I be familiar with?

Elmiron Eye Damage sight decrease signs fluctuate, but the most frequent signs and symptoms patients should be aware of range from the subsequent:

Difficulty looking at

Vision ache


Problems finding products around

Difficulty adapting to dim lighting

Perspective disruptions

Has there been an Elmiron recall?

No. In spite of the facts, the FDA has not granted a recall for Elmiron. In fact, nor Janssen Pharmaceutic nor the FDA have notified customers to the potential for Elmiron causing sight loss.

Should I qualify for an Elmiron lawsuit?

The Carlson Law Firm is examining Elmiron promises. When you experienced traumas linked to Elmiron use, think about contacting us for a free and personal scenario assessment.

Personal injuries within the Elmiron legal cases are the following:

Overall perspective decrease

Part perspective decrease

Blurred perspective

Reduced night time sight

Pigmentary maculopathy

Degenerative maculopathy

Halo eyesight

Macular retinopathy

Macular/design dystrophy



Retinal pigment epithelium atrophy



Unilateral or bilateral loss of sight

Vision impairment

It is important you talk to a qualified Elmiron Lawsuit Attorney for any free circumstance evaluation without delay. The Carlson Law Firm is dealing with these circumstances nationally and can take your contact 24/7.

How do an Elmiron Lawsuit Lawyer help me to?

The eyesight damage that Elmiron causes is long term. If you and your liked one’s sight loss traumas are severe, your lifestyle will demand substantial changes which includes living helps and continuing therapy. An Elmiron Lawsuit Lawyer in the Carlson Lawyer may help you restore:

Health care expenditures

The cost of dwelling aids

Reduction in enjoyment of existence

Punitive injuries against Janssen Pharmaceuticals

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