The Many Faces of Doors: A History of this Essential Home Feature



Doors are our homes’ most essential—and used for granted—parts. We use them daily, but how often should we cease to consider their historical past or even the various current sorts? Within this blog post, we’ll look nearer at doors from medieval times for the modern day. Read on for more information!

These doors (Dörrar) have been popular for hundreds of years, and their work has remained largely the same: to provide an entry ways (or get out of) stage for the composition. Nevertheless the develop that doors take has changed considerably over time. So let’s get started with a few of the earliest doors, shall we?

One of several earliest examples of a door-like composition comes from Old Egypt. All around 3,500 BCE, Egyptians commenced building doors out from wooden, that has been then included in linens of metal—usually bronze or copper.

Flash forward several thousand years to middle age Europe. During this period period of time, castles were actually very popular (who doesn’t enjoy a good moat?), and doors played a necessary position with their protection. Fortress doors were actually made from thick wood and lined with aluminum studs or surges so they are extra sturdy—after all, they essential so as to stand up to attacks from battering rams!

The Business Trend helped bring about many alterations, one of which had been a heightened demand for consistent models like doors. This led producers to create mass-made doors out from resources like glass and metal. However, these newfangled doors weren’t always well-received some people worried they were too lightweight and wouldn’t have the ability to stand up to blaze (a sound concern in the days before fire sprinklers!).

Nowadays, most doors are made from wooden, while you may still locate some crafted from window or steel. And although they is probably not employed to defend against marauding intruders any longer, they still assist a crucial goal: maintaining us safe and sound in our houses.


Doors might not seem like the most exciting subject matter worldwide, but as you can see, they’ve advanced significantly since their modest beginnings. The next time you’re jogging through your property, spend some time to appreciate the various types of doors that exist—you may be surprised at how much background is hiding behind them!