The Dos AndDonts Of Drug Crimes: A Comprehensive Guide


Should you be experiencing substance criminal offense fees, it is essential that you know what to perform – and what not to do. Drug criminal offenses can have extreme fees and penalties, so it is crucial that you guard oneself by learning the legislation. In this article, we shall discuss the dos and don’ts of drug crimes. We will provide an extensive self-help guide to drug punishment (마약처벌) in Korea.

What’s Medicine Criminal offense?

First, let’s start with the essentials. Medicine criminal offenses are understood to be any offenses which entail the utilization, thing, manufacturing, or syndication of drugs. This includes drug trafficking, medication production, and medication thing. In Korea, medicine offences are punishable by as much as lifestyle in prison.

Given that we have a standard understanding of medicine criminal acts let’s explore the dos and don’ts.

Drug Criminal offenses: DO:

•Work with a attorney who specializes in medication offences.

•Cooperate with all the authorities in the research.

•Be truthful along with your legal professional relating to your contribution inside the criminal activity.

•Stick to all judge orders placed and probation specifications.

Medication Crimes: DON’T:

•Speak with the police with no legal professional provide.

•Make an effort to cover up evidence or eliminate facts.

•Lay to the lawyer regarding your engagement from the criminal activity.

•Violate any judge orders placed or probation specifications.

Korean Drug Punishment:

•Possession of drugs: approximately five-years in prison or a great as much as 50 million received.

•Utilization of medications: as much as 36 months in prison or perhaps a fine of up to 30 million gained.

•Medication trafficking: imprisonment for years or even a good as much as 100 million received.

•Substance manufacturing: imprisonment for years or perhaps a okay as much as 200 million earned.


Substance criminal offenses are severe offenses that will hold severe penalties. In case you are dealing with medication costs, it is important to know the regulation and make a plan to shield oneself. Working with a legal professional who specializes in drug criminal offenses, simply being honest together with your legal professional, and cooperating with all the police throughout the investigation are typical crucial activities in case you are going through medication expenses.