Nihar Gala: A Medical Entrepreneur with a Passion for Addiction Medicine and Pain Management


Nihar Gala is a medical entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to providing exceptional healthcare services to patients in Delaware and the surrounding areas. As the founder and CEO of Alpha Care Medical, Gala has successfully built a primary care medical practice with four locations across the state. With his extensive medical knowledge and a deep passion for addiction medicine and pain management, Nihar Gala has emerged as a respected leader in the medical community, making a significant impact on patients’ lives.

Gala’s passion for medicine and healing began at a young age. Fascinated by the human body’s ability to restore and recover, he pursued his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University, laying the foundation for his medical career. Gala went on to earn his medical degree from the same institution, where his interest in addiction medicine and pain management took root. He recognized that these areas were often overlooked by the medical community despite their crucial role in patients’ overall health and well-being.

Armed with his medical training and a strong desire to make a difference, Nihar Gala embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by establishing Alpha Care Medical in 2013. The primary objective was to provide compassionate, high-quality medical care to patients in Delaware. Through his dedication and unwavering commitment to patient well-being, Gala’s practice quickly expanded to four locations, serving a growing number of patients each year.

What sets Alpha Care Medical apart from other practices is its steadfast focus on addiction medicine and pain management. Recognizing the significance of addressing these often-neglected areas in primary care, Gala has made it his mission to educate his staff on the latest research and treatment options available. His expertise in addiction medicine and pain management has earned him a reputation as a trusted expert in these fields, providing patients with comprehensive and effective care.

Beyond his role at Alpha Care Medical, Nihar Gala actively participates in various medical organizations. He is a proud member of esteemed institutions such as the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Medical Association. Gala’s contributions to the medical community have been recognized by several professional organizations, solidifying his reputation as a leader in his field.

Despite his numerous accomplishments, Nihar Gala remains grounded and focused on the well-being of his patients. He firmly believes that every individual deserves to be treated with compassion and respect, and he ensures that these core values are reflected in the care provided at Alpha Care Medical. Gala’s commitment to delivering the highest quality medical services extends to each and every patient who walks through the practice’s doors.

In conclusion, Nihar Gala is a medical entrepreneur who has made a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape in Delaware. Through his dedication to addiction medicine and pain management, he has played a pivotal role in helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness. With his ongoing efforts to expand his medical practice and serve the community, Nihar Gala’s influence will continue to resonate within the medical community and positively impact the lives of countless patients.