Home Security: When Is It Time To Change Your Security System


Keeping your home secured is a must. As much as you want to leave your security to your door locks, you cannot as intruders can easily break it, if they want to. Having a home security system installed in your home is necessary if you want to ensure everyone’s safety and security.
If you currently have a security system in place, well and good, but, do you know if it is still functioning the same way it does?
Regular maintenance is important if you want to maximize the potential of your security system, and also, you must change the system if it is due.
You might be thinking or wondering, when is it time to change your security system? To help you in assessing whether you need a change, read the signs below:
If it is more than 15 years
Technically speaking, alarms are made to last for at most twenty years, but since the technology is working really fast, taking advantage of the newer and more modern alarms is a good idea.
Also, if you will continuously use a security system that was made fifteen years ago, you might find it hard to find parts when it gets broken.
It is wired
Traditionally, security systems have wired hidden on the walls. If these wires are cut by the burglars, then you are no longer protected. Yes, a wired security system is still better than none, but since there are security devices that use cellular transmitters to receive and send signals, why not take advantage of that, right?
If you just had your home renovated
To make the home renovation complete and more satisfactory, instead of recycling your old fashioned security system, why not buy a new set and have it installed by professionals for better protection?