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Green Sera (그린세라) and Cavejin are two of the most preferred health supplements available today. Both provide an array of health benefits, but which one meets your needs? In this article, we are going to examine and comparison Eco-friendly Cera and Cavejin that will help you choose which 1 is perfect for you!

Eco-friendly Cera is really a green tea extract which is full of vitamin antioxidants. It can enhance fat burning capacity, enhance mental operate, and control cancers. Cavejin is really a mushroom remove that has been shown to enhance immune function, combat soreness, and encourage long life.

How to purchase:

Green Cera and Cavejin are both available for acquire online. You will find Eco-friendly Cera at the most health food stores, and Cavejin is offered at numerous internet vendors.

What to consider:

When selecting Eco-friendly Cera, locate a product which is made with natural and organic green tea results in. When buying Cavejin, search for a product that is produced with organic mushrooms.

How to take:

Environmentally friendly Cera may be consumed in capsule form or as a tea. For the best effects, acquire Green Cera each day before eating any breakfast. Cavejin can be consumed in capsule kind or as being a tea. For best results, acquire Cavejin in the evening before going to bed.

Pros and Cons:

Environmentally friendly Cera:


-Increases metabolic process

-Increases mental function

-Guards against many forms of cancer

-Reasonably priced


-May cause irritated abdomen if taken on an empty stomach

-May affect drugs that happen to be broken down from the liver organ



-Enhances defense work

-Fights swelling

-Encourages endurance


-Might cause distressed stomach if undertaken before eating anything

-May affect prescription drugs which can be split up through the liver organ.

-Can be hard to get in stores.


Both Green Cera and Cavejin offer you a wide range of health benefits. Nevertheless, Eco-friendly Cera is advisable for those seeking to improve their metabolic process or boost their intellectual functionality. Cavejin is most beneficial for people who are seeking to boost their defense function or overcome inflammation. If you are uncertain which one suits you, consult with a healthcare professional.